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Selling Our Children Like Cattle(Podcast)

The modern day political and moral paradigm is one that does not match up with the survival of the human species. The youngest of our species are very malleable mentally. With the medias never ending onslaught of propaganda the young ones are the most vulnerable. If modern day man has anything to say about it these young ones will not even make it to the age of being psychologically influenced. It seems that they had become a disposable commodity to satisfy demands of a barbaric and insidious nature. Whether it is abortion,childhood euthanasia,or unknowingly being part of a psyop up to weaken the Second Amendment the youngest among us are the greatest victims.

The ideas and musings of a free people trapped in an imposed boundary marked by tyranny. Broadcasting from FEMA Region 10 we are Region X Radio.CALL IN #-(541) 982-2098
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